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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time of Reflection

It's been a whirlwind of knowledge, opportunities and craziness at times for me but I tell you one thing I wouldn't change a thing.

The mere thought of putting myself out there and people following my progress freaks me out a little but if I can be an inspiration to someone else and reach someone to open up their eyes and ears and realize that this thing call HEART DISEASE can strike the healthiest of people and the simple changes you can do to protect your heart and get healthy then I've served my purpose!

I'm not just on this journey for the 12 weeks they say in the program, I'm realistic in saying that its a lifestyle change I'm committed to for the LONG HAUL and I'm doing my darnest to get off this high blood pressure medicine and bonus if I lose the weight along the way that I've struggled with for most of my adult life.

Seeing changes in myself physically (having to buy smaller clothes, yea!), emotionally (learning what my triggers are and how to best react or devert to situations),and my confidence level is rising.

One of the coolest things was being able to be a part of the GoRedForWomen Luncheon that was held on Feb. 17th, in Downtown Indy at the beautiful JW Marriott.

I was fortunate to have my dear friend an a breast cancer survivor, Tammy Culbertson came as my guest for the event. Never saw so many beautiful women, all shapes and sizes all decked out in their RED outfits all fired up and focused on the purpose to raise money and awareness of Heart Disease in women!

There was many seminars to check out as well wide range of vendors, from hospitals, to grocery stores, handing out various samples of food, and paper work all focused on HEART Health. There was even mini screening area too. We even got a SWAG bag of free stuff too! Who doesn't LOVE FREE stuff!?! I enjoyed hearing from one of the CardioThrorasic Surgeons and how heart disease has affected his family.

Even Tammy said how she even learned something about heart disease and how it relates to diabetes and overall health.

The luncheon/program and fashion show was a whirlwind, it went by too fast!

I was nervous wreck about changing into my fashion show clothes then sitting in them at the table and eating lunch!(for those who know, you know WHY! I managed to NOT get anything on me,that is a feat of its own!)Then, we had to head behind the curtain to as they started the program and it was weird to see myself up on the big screen talking in the presentation... (was told I was in it a "little bit" ha, ha!!! it was ALOT!, I didn't remember some of the questions that were asked back at the kick off breakfast but I did pretty good!

Then it was "deer in headlights time",getting up on that stage, waiting for my queue then looking out into the audience going uh oh no everyone is looking at ME!!! don't fall, don't trip, smile, is there something in my teeth?? is your zipper up? is your shirt down, now what do I do with this purse??? random things like that.. I must say we all ROCKED the catwalk ladies!!! Laura we missed you dearly but so excited you kicked that smoking habit,oh yea!

Did you know that this event is the largest one in the country??
They RAISED $594,000 at the event as well! How incredible is that??

I can't thank the American Heart Association Midwest Affiliate staff enough for letting us be a part of this great event, it was truly an honor!

Being in the Sunday paper was also a big honor. Renee, Ruthann and I were featured in the paper and the photoshoot was a blast wasn't sure what pics they'd choose lol.

In case you missed it, here's the link:

The response from the article along has been great!, I've had numerous coworkers come up to me asking for my autograph and encourage me and some have also said they've checked out the site to see if they are at risk and are making heart healthy choice.

Are you worth it? YOU KNOW YOU ARE, There's only one you so do everything you can to live your life heart healthy!

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