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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Benefits

I did it! I got in my car after work yesterday, workout bag already in the car, and I just drove to Lifetime Fitness without thinking about it. Don't get me wrong, my brain wanted to think about what I was doing but I just couldn't let that happen. Self-talk all the way baby and when I got there I happily parked a little further away than I usually do and I practically skipped to the front door. I felt like I had a delicious little secret and it felt good to follow through!

Kara was surprised to see me - that was fun. I took to the treadmill just a wee bit easier today - that was fun. I remembered some of the routines I've learned and did as much as I could to work up to pain and sweat - that was fun too!

But the biggest fun and a BENEFIT of working out that will keep me going back - ahhh, he was cute, like a teddy bear, with the deepest dimples, the sweetest smile and a flirty little wink to boot! Now ladies...I did not pretend to get stuck in the leg press machine. I really could not remember how to get in and out. Imagine my delight when this smooth fellow walked over to show me how to properly use the machine. And he doesn't work there so he was not duty bound - I think he thought I was cute - that's my story, my fantasy and I'm going with it! That's all I needed today to walk around my office doing lunges and squats. Seriously! That's all I need tomorrow to hit the treadmill at work and that's just about all I need to keep my training appointment!

Hope he's there! Leg press, here I come! I found a new motivator and it's workin' for me! Find your motivator and meet me at the gym~

That's all for now~

Sweet dreams!!


  1. As we said in the 60s, "by any means necessary." Go for it!
    Funny post, too.

  2. Excellent blog, keep it up the great work