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Monday, March 22, 2010

Never too late to begin again...


Well friends and family...here I am again. Not sure if you're still following but I'm still trying to make this change stick!
One thing I can say that I am forever grateful for is God's unending grace and mercy. I appreciate His kindness when He says there is no failure. Because ladies and gentlemen, can I just tell you that the struggle continues, especially since I'm not working towards the fashion show runway. Now I'm working towards the rest of my life and though some of my changes have stuck...some of them have run out of glue.
Kara sent an email recently that says we still have until April 15 to workout at Lifetime Fitness. Melissa sent an email that says we can be in touch for nutrition help until infinity. I'm seeing Dr. Vohra, sleep doctor, tomorrow and soon I will have one more visit with Dr. Nancy Branyas, cardiologist.
These are all great things for me to look forward to and so I am looking forward and upward. The stuff I ate before this last 2 minutes of blogging is now gone and I can't do anything about my past bad choices. I hope I'm not bumming anybody out...I just want to encourage some lady who is just like me...I am determined to see a brand new and better me, no matter what. I can do that and so can you! Will you write back and let me know how you're doing? In the meantime, you can still get fit with me by going to: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=3063592

And, I just found out last week that the 5 of us Indy Challengers have been invited to ride on St. Vincent Hospital's parade float on July 5th! Another goal, Thank you Lord!

Here's an old pic I found of me recently...I like it so I thought I'd share!

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  1. I'm grateful for the July 5 goal, too. I figure as long as I'm not moving backward, that's success!