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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still plugging away


Apologies for a two-week silence, but I've enjoyed reading Kim and Amy's reflections here. Also sending love and props to Jessica and Dee -- how are you, ladies? Looking forward to that day in the not-too-far-distant future, I hope, where all 5 of us connect again. For some social lubrication! (inside joke).

Oh, my -- that luncheon was something else. I think all five us of were blown away by the sheer electricity and excitement of the moment. Besides that, it was just plain fun: getting our makeup done by our friends at Phases (Dr. Turkle's office) and then riding in a lino with our good buddy Sandy, who gave us all goody bags. Wow, talk about feeling spoiled. And the firefighters from Lawrence who were our escorts;forever grateful, guys.

My issue was being ill that day, with what turned into bronchitis, but honestly, the sense of being underwater did not diminish my impressions and sense of good fortune. Gratitude and grace...

Also, this heart plan really works. Got some new numbers from my personal physician Dr. Rea, and EVERYTHING IS IN NORMAL RANGE. Hoo-rah! It was a pleasure to show these figures to Dr. Branyas, because the last time I saw her, the numbers were bad (or not within normal range).

I am looking forward to climbing back on that old treadmill and seeing Abby for weights/reps tomorrow....weight continues to come off slowly, which is as it should be...that's how it was put on. The only fly in the ointment is missing the other challengers; getting together with all of you was "the time of my life." Thanks for the memories....Good luck to all, sleep tight and heart you all!

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