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Friday, May 20, 2011

oops I did it again...

Well ladies, I have to admit I am disappointed with my behavior lately. (First off that I have not taken the time to post!) I apologize in my lack of blogging as of late! I would think every night, I need to post, oohh that would be good, etc etc.

So oops I did it again...I have had a difficult time keeping up at the gym. I have been working a lot of extra hours at work, traveling, working in the yard, therefore, I have seemed to come up with a million excuses to not make it to my workouts! Furthermore, I haven't seen my trainer for 2 WEEKS due to both of our schedules! My stress level is thru the roof right now, and my favorite med is FOOD! Not healthy food either, JUNK! So I eat it and feel like JUNK! So the I did it again refers to falling off the band wagon yet again!

I am starting to absolve that this being healthy thing will be a challenge for me the rest of my life. I have always KNOWN this, but in my heart I am starting to accept that reality. And my mental health about myself is improving because of this realization. I don't progress anymore to be a size 2 or have the tightest abs. I want to progress to continue to prepare my body for a baby, and to be a healthy me. That's it. I am liking this person in the mirror a little more each day, which has made me more encouraging to others to do the same!

So for a funny...
I have been changing the red mulch and garden beds around with new flowers and black mulch for several weeks now. I get a good workout from all the digging out of bushes, lifting mulch bags and such. I have a little hornet friend who likes to pester me. I have ANXIETY issues with bugs, all bugs, esp ones that inflict pain. So while I mulch I have to monitor what this little booger is doing. Well he (of course it is a HE) was flying close to me and I would sprint to the front door! EVVERYTIME, I would sprint! SO, not only did I get a few miles in of interval training, before my workouts and this program I probably wouldn't have been able to run so fast!

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