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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meltdown Monday and Terrific Tuesday!

Well, I'm not exactly proud of it, but i had a complete meltdown two Mondays ago. I did the Power Circuit Class and Rock Hard Ab Class at my gym. It was so hard to keep up with the group. I couldn't hold a candle to these women, and some of them had a good 15 years on me! However, they could not have been kinder to me. They were very encouraging and supportive. They told me to not give up and it will get easier in time, and they were impressed that I stuck it out. I've never felt so inadequate in my life! This leads me to my emotional feelings, I am beyond angry right now. Before being in the car accident, I would have been able to at least hold my own, no problem. However now, that is not my reality. Everything i do feels ten times harder. I get so frustrated. But its ok. Sometimes you just have to have a meltdown and let it out, then you can move on.

Fast forward to today. I did 75 minutes on the treadmill walking at a good pace. Now for the fabulous part. I ran for 2 minutes of those 75 minutes! 2 whole minutes! I know you are probably thinking 2 minutes, what's the big freakin deal? As I've mentioned before, I was hit by a drunk driver. This is the first time since the accident, in nearly 14 years, that I have been able to run. Let me tell you, it felt like I won the lottery! If I ran 2 minutes today, then maybe I can run 3 tomorrow, and 4 the next. My back must be getting stronger, and hopefully the discs will hold up. I was advised by the back surgeon against running. But I am hopeful that things are taking a positive turn. I am taking steroids for my recent foot surgery, and it must be helping my back as well. I can't take much of the credit. I know God is right there pulling the strings. But what a great Valentines Day present to me!

Love your ♥,


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  1. That is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 2 minutes of running DOES sound like a big freaking deal! :) I've had a similar breakdown before only I pretended to call myself on the phone and left the room in tears...so I feel your pain!