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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharing Progress

I sure missed seeing all of my fellow challengers and attending the annual event!!!! I hope someone took some pictures so that I can see each of you decked out for the fashion show. I saw Renee on TV and the beautiful spread in the Sunday Indianapolis Star -- each of you looked fabulous!!

Well -- a little update on my progress in this challenge. I have really cleared out my kitchen and have wonderfully healthy choices of food available (although I know there is some emergency pasta still tucked in there somewhere!!). Some big news from me -- I visited my physician for an annual exam last week, and here are my lipid panel results!!!!!!!!!
2011 Cholesterol:  224    February 2012 Cholesterol:  129
2011 Triglycerides:  236      February 2012 Triglycerides:  79
2011 HDL:  45                 February 2012 HDL:  47
2011 LDL:  122               February 2012 LDL:  68

I am totally bowled over by the results!!!!! Just look at the difference in the triglycerides (that level can be deadly!!!), and the LDL!!!!  All I can say is -- this is living proof that simple changes in food choices absolutely can make a dramatic difference in these critical lipid levels AND prevent killer coronary artery disease!!! I hope that this will be convincing proof for any of you out there who are trying to make changes in your lifestyle to prevent heart disease (and other major artery disease).

So what made the big difference in my levels?? Well -- I am convinced that because I cut out pasta and bread from my diet (yes -- these were all I ate day after day for years!!) -- my triglyceride levels took a dive. Remember that extra empty carbohydrates are stored as FAT. Otherwise -- I have followed the sage advice from Adrienne -- she is at the top of my list of one of my all time favorite people in life -- I learned so much from her about diet!!! I have been limiting fat intake to about 25 grams per day, and replacing any empty carbohydrates with more complex carbohydrates! That is it! By the way -- just can't rave enough about the St. Vincent Heart Center and the American Heart Association!!!! They are going above and beyond to help women change the course and current sad statistics about killer heart disease in this country!!! If any of you readers following along would like to know how to contact and set up consultation with Adrienne -- just respond to my blog!! Or for any information about St. Vincent Women's Health center!!!

I am really finding that taking small steps in choosing lifestyle changes to promote health result in immediate changes in how one feels and looks -- and I can't emphasize enough that as you begin to make changes -- your results will end up producing exceeding motivation to stay on the course longterm!!!!

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