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Monday, April 11, 2011

Breaking down those barriers

Once again, the timeliness of this week's BetterU lesson is so uncanny. I fell off the bandwagon. Really truly fell, or maybe I lept...ate out, didn't do my workouts. I really do have to work on overcoming my barriers. I was so inspired after coming from the cooking demonstration. I envisioned myself creating these gorgeous plates of healthy, filling, tasty foods like our professional chef from the Skyline Club. Then reality set in. Short of a sugar crisis, the only thing that gets me to the grocery store is running out of milk. Sad, I know. Okay Carla, back to your baby steps. The first one led me across the street to our new local grocery store, Pogues Run (http://www.indyfoodcoop.org/). Pogues Run Grocer focuses on local and organic foods. I can walk across the street at lunch time and do grocery shopping for healthy foods. How cool is that? I found Rainbow Chard there. Never heard of it but cooked it in a wee bit of oil, some garlic and red onions. It was delectable! I think I should do like they do in some European countries and shop every few days for fresh produce. I'm also planning a very small garden this year (tomato, peppers, onions, some herbs). There's nothing quite like seeing the fruits of your efforts springing forth from the ground. As for exercise, I've got spring fever (literally & figuratively-more on that later). I didn't quite make it to the gym but did get few good bike rides in and some walking treks. Sandy- I will make it to one of the Indy Hiking Clubs hikes yet! but stuck close to home & did Fall Creek, Ft. Harrison & the canal. Back to spring fever. Why did I think it a good idea for someone with severe allergies to frolick through the woods, taking in early spring foliage and breathing deeply the woodsy air? Perhaps a momentary lapse in judgment. No, it was worth it! As I sit here wheezing, eyes weeping & itchy, nose twitching & running...sorry, must find tissue...

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