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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sharing Our Barriers

It sure does help to know that other people have barriers and we’re not the only ones who struggle and have to start all over again with baby steps. But Carla, you did start again and that’s what I love about you and the rest of the Challengers. You’re not going to let anything get you down. It does help to share our barriers because we find out that, although our personal barriers are uniquely our own, there is usually a common thread in all of them. And it does lighten the load when we know that other people care and we’re all in this together. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful sounding board, Natale. Your husband sounds like a dream come true. We all need a sounding board every now and then. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea for all of us to get together for coffee (of course, non-fat, no whip and sugar-free please, right, Natale?) just to talk things out. If not coffee, maybe a salad and iced tea or diet soda (I do not like to drink my calories). Is there a place and time that would work for everyone? I’ll be there with bells on!

Some of us were saying that we don’t get daily tips in our email. Well, I downloaded the BetterMe coaching tool to my desktop and, ooh-la-la, I can just click on it and get as many tips as I want whenever I’m on my computer. The tips and reminders don’t go to your email; they go directly to your tool. You can also download it to your social networking site such as Facebook. This optional tool allows you to conveniently stay on track with your program anytime you are online. Every day, you'll get tips, reminders and more sent directly to your tool. You'll also receive step-by-step guidance and be able to access your journal. This is a convenient, simple way to ensure progress (and encouragement!) every day. I’m loving this Better program more and more! The tips seem to be endless. I especially liked the one that said, “Sit up straight today. Use your abdominal muscles for support and don’t slouch.” That brought back memories of my grade school days when my eighth grade teacher, Sister Justicia, would always get on me about slouching. I am such a sloucher, but not any more after getting that BetterU tip (and reminder of the good old school days)!

I am serious about all of us getting together for line dancing. Wouldn’t it be a hoot for the Fab Four and The BetterU Committee to all go out for line dancing sometime? Let’s do it! What a fun way to burn calories. I’m always trying new ways to exercise. Someone come up with a date and a place and I’ll be there with bells on (again). And of course, you know that I’ll meet anyone anywhere for a walk. My motto is, “Call me day or night if you want to hike.” Sandy F.

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