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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 8: De-stress and Be Blood Pressure Smart

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is often called the “silent killer” because many people have it for years without knowing it. And the good old American Heart Association has a BetterU course to help us lower our blood pressure to the optimal level of 120/80 mmHg or below. We can’t control some factors, such as race, heredity and age; but we can make heart healthy choices to control other factors that influence our blood pressure, such as obesity, eating too much salt, drinking too much alcohol, lack of physical activity and stress.

I often react very badly to stress and I like the tips in this week’s program –Fuel your body with healthy foods and drink plenty of water! Get plenty of sleep on a regular basis! Practice deep breathing and relaxation exercises! Unplug and take a break from technology! Positive self-talk! Finding pleasure! And the one I love the most – KEEP MOVING! Our fitness event at the Schwitzer Center at the University of Indianapolis this Saturday is a perfect way to ward off stress (and perfect timing, too). I am so looking forward to seeing you all again. I can’t wait! Please spread the word. We want as many people as possible there to join us as we do fitness dancing, kickboxing, yoga & Pilates. We want to spread the word about BetterU and our wonderful BetterU Challengers. Also, if we’re not too tired after the two-hour workout (yikes), maybe we can go out to eat for a nice heart-healthy salad. Just a thought!

BTW, did you notice the ad on page 19 of the Indianapolis Woman Magazine? It’s a half-page ad in my favorite magazine for my favorite organization (AHA) telling everyone about the Get Fit – Free Fitness Event on Saturday and the Get Moving – Free Walking Event on Saturday, May 21st. Check it out. The ad is wonderful!

Hey Annette, I went to your nephew and niece-in-law’s blogsite and I loved it. I was excited to find out how to make perfect hard boiled eggs. Too bad I learned too late for Easter, but I’m definitely going to try their method the next time I make hard-boiled eggs. I never knew that older eggs peel better than fresh ones (living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks). I think it’s wonderful that they donate any ad revenue to the Good Shepherd Community Center. I’d love to meet them!

CU all Saturday at Schwitzer Center at the University of Indianapolis from 10:00 – noon. Be there or be square! Sandy F.

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