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Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Hey folks! Like my new, official Go Red pic? It's courtesy of Greg at Twiin Photography who took it for the February 26th luncheon program. I never wear make up so that's taking me a little to get used to, but overall, I like it!

I also bedecked my personal blog in Go Red for Women red. Hmm...I wonder if there really is a GRFW color out there? That would be a great sponsorship opp for some paint company. Hello, Sherwin Williams? Oh! Or a GRFW nail polish color! Maybelline, are you listening?

Anyway, if you pop by my blog, you'll also get links to some great stuff like Go Red for Women ring tones for your phone and delicious heart healthy recipes. And you'll get a peek at a celebratory picture I took at the gym today! See you there!


  1. Nice Picture Amy, you look great! Our girls day out was a lot of fun, how nice it was to get pampered for the day!! Best of Luck with everything :)

  2. I'm following you. Love your blog.