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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bigger than me

Wow! Today was the Go Red for Women luncheon and Wow! It was an amazing day. That's pretty much what I can say. (Ok, I actually said way more than that here.)

The Go Red Girls
Ruth, me, Kimila, Dee & Jessica

Getting all involved in the training and the facials and the dress fittings, it was easy to get wrapped up in the "all about me" part of the deal. But the luncheon really helped bring home to me the fact that this is so much bigger than five women working on their own heart health.

Though we missed most of the "passion" speakers, I'd read their stories in the script and got to see the wrap-up video about them. These people have really been touched in a terrible way by heart disease. And looking out at 1,000 people who care enough about themselves, their mothers, their sisters and daughters; who care enough to spend their money and their time on this cause, just underscores for me how important it is that I not lose momentum.

The work that I'm doing in the gym and the choices I'm making every day can help shape my future in a terrific way. And hopefully, my efforts to share my journey here and in other venues, will help other women (and men) see that they have an opportunity to make those same choices in their lives.

To all those people making the decision to take charge of their hearts, let me say "You go (red) girls!"

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