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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh, matters of the heart....as important as the physical changes are that we make for our heart health, we also need to remember the significance emotions play on our overall health. Mending a wounded heart this Valentines, makes me remember that our attitudes absolutely do impact us. Stress, depression, anger, and sadness can all have a major role in contributing to heart health. Throughout the challenge I have strived to focus on the positive influences in my life and let go of some of the negative and for the most part I have done so. Some new information opened my wounds this weekend and I again let some of the negativity in my life influence my overall general well-being. I have a couple of magnets on my refrigerator that reads "Things I learned from my kids: If it hurts, stop doing it" and another "Let the butterflies come to you." I try and let go of the past and move forward; which we know sometimes gets stirred up during certain holidays and times of the year...I tend to have a very open heart which does not always serve me the best....

On a positive note: Today is Week #3 of no smoking which I am very proud. I really am surprised at myself honestly....I think more than anything else it was settling up with the "Master Manipulator" within my brain and deciding to quit the monotonous game of thinking about it....Once I could do that, it all worked out. I have been to the hyperbaric chamber a couple of times this week just to help increase my oxygen levels. I have noticed a real difference in my circulation. I have Raynaud's Syndrome (where your fingers go numb in the cold) and they are MUCH better. I also have really noticed a difference in my breathing and lung capacity.

My cardio has been an interval set and this week I split the set with a 4 minute run series instead of 1 minute. It felt awesome and before the challenge I felt if I was sweating, I must be working way too hard! Now I love it and think it is very "hot" - no pun...what a great feeling...as if you are clearing all of the toxins out of your body. I worked out several days but still feel like I should be working harder...today was a pathetic workout because I let my emotions get in the way....tomorrow will be incredible....a new day!

I also had a peel today....and made a decision to have a laser treatment after the challenge is over during my spring break. Kind of scary...but I am worth it and am so grateful we had the opportunity to work with the girls at Turkels. Like I have said before, my skin makes me a bit self conscious due to negative influences of the past and it is time to put that in the past also! So, my days of all day pool basking are gone I am afraid.....

We are getting closer to the luncheon and the time has flown by! Usually this time of year is a literal drag for me, but the challenge has helped me stay focused on positive healthy choices and busy creating change! We still have a month after the luncheon, so that will lead right up to Spring! I LOVE Spring and cannot wait to get outside and run and work in the garden. I am so commited to keep working hard and becoming the best I can be!

Happy Valentines to everyone! Remember to love yourselves and be gentle and kind to yourselves...you are worth it! Oh, and eat some dark chocolate - good for ya! <3 Kimila


  1. Kimila, I have been struck often by how much of this challenge is not in the gym or on the scale, but in our heads -- and hearts. I'm sorry for your bad news. Beat the stress out on the treadmill!

    I'm so happy you have made it 3 weeks smoke-free! That's the best V day gift you could give your heart. I look forward to seeing you at the luncheon.

  2. Kimilia, I enjoyed this post. So glad you are meeting life head-on (and heart-on) You are a wise woman. We are lucky to get to know you, and your kids are so blessed to have you for a mom and a teacher.