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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Note to self for luncheon- Don't forget waterproof mascara

I am so excited to see all of you at the luncheon!!!! I received my invitation last week and started jumping up and down in anticipation of seeing all of you in the fashion show. I need to remember to wear waterproof mascara that day. Some posts make me laugh so hard I cry, sometimes I tear up because I can hear the tone in your post that you are making such strides. I follow your posts and I am telling my friends, people I am meeting on the street and at speaking engagements, to get on and read them for themselves because I know they will be inspired. I have several friends dealing with weight issues as well as some of their children, and I have a friend that has been trying to quit smoking forever. Thanks to all of you for your funny but real stories about your daily struggles. GO RED!!!!!

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  1. Thanks, Vickie, for representing the American Heart Association at so many events last week and in the coming weeks. We're so lucky to have you as a volunteer! Looking forward to seeing you at the Luncheon with the Fab Five and Sandy!