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Monday, February 1, 2010

Day nine....

Well, the focus has been on my not smoking this week....and I must admit it has not been that bad! I had to take off the nicotine patches because I have such a reaction. I told myself, "Get over it!' and have not had any nicotine replacement for three days. It has affected me though....I am tired - actually awoke to the alarm this morning. Usually I am up about 4:00 am and 'slept in' until 5:15 this morning. I feel a bit "fluish' but know it will be over soon. I really don't think about a cigarrette until I get in the car - such a habit! Knowing your "triggers" helps to avoid setting yourself up.

I worked out 4 days last week. I want to get so much more in but with cardio and lifting, it is taking a chunk of time. It is hard to not do cardio on days I lift and hard to not lift on days I do cardio. But I know it will be beneficial in the end. I look forward to working out every day where as before the challenge, felt I was too tired to work out....exercise is definately key to my overall emotional and physical well-being....

I feel really good about not smoking and I know that it would probably would not have happened without the support of the BetterU. I know this a huge factor on my health and am looking forward to comparing my resting heart rate, VO2 levels, HDL levels, and endurance times once I have some non-smoking time in.

Have a fabulous week! Talk to you soon!
Kimila <3


  1. I'll shout out to nine days w/o a cigarette! That's really amazing. I'm not sure I could make it that long w/o a piece of chocolate.

    I attempted some cardio after lifting yesterday and YOWZA! was I totally limp and wimpy on that treadmill. I made it to 28 minutes, but no incline and I did a fair amount of holding on.

    But our bodies will thank us in the end.

  2. Congrats girl!! You've got it and you're on the right track!! We all will face our horrid temptations daily, but the more we are prepared, the better chances of a positive outcome. You're doing great!! Cheers!!