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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Red - Go Blue - Oh, What to Do!!!!

Well, tomorrow is GO RED DAY! And here at school it is also Blue Friday....so....think I will wear red under my jersey and sport whichever in the different places I will be. It is kind of a shame though....I really wanted the school to participate in the Go Red - but the Colts have superseded the vote.....

Today is day 12 of my smoking cessation...no more patches and really no more urges....some days after "middle school lunch duty" there is a moment of "Boy, I could sure use a cigarette...but I am keeping to my commitment. I really have caught the cardio bug and was talking with a gentleman last night who was beside me on the treadmill. He said he had only been running a year and started like me....now he is running marathons. I see where the "runner's high" kicks in and I find myself not wanting to stop! Go figure! It is really wonderful to actually be able to breathe while doing it!

I so have enjoyed becoming a better me....I had so many disappointments in relationships and situations....now I see such a new world and new possibilities! I love the healthy lifestyle and will never go back to the drudge of being unhealthy. Mentally I feel so much more alive and I feel like I can look for new relationships and new opportunities along the way. It is very empowering and liberating. It is wonderful to hear positive affirmations and be around positive, healthy people!

So, if you are out and about tomorrow - you may see me dash by RED or BLUE....or both! GO RED AND GO COLTS!!!!!


  1. Well, the Colts were disappointing, so I guess it's up to us to carry the charge on the Go Red end, huh? Did you make it through the game without needing (or at least giving into) a cigarette?

  2. Kimila. You are doing great. Your post is so inspiring.