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Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow learner?


I guess I am a slow learner, because the big Go Red luncheon is this Friday, and I think I am finally beginning to get the drift of this program.
The good news, of course, is that the luncheon, while sure to be a blast and I hope an excellent fund-raiser, is really the most superficial part of the program for the 5 challengers. Sure, we get to be in the limelight with our stories told via video and our fashion show (Oh, God!) but the real intent of this event is that we have made significant changes and we will use those as a baseline to continue to improve our health.
I think I got off to a slow start, and then I had a couple blips on the screen, and at least a two-week period where I did squat except meet with my trainer Abby. True story: my January numbers were not great, unlike Amy's...maybe the message is I need to work as hard as the other ladies. Because, as they say, the numbers do not lie: Amy and Kim, I know, have both pulled off amazing feats that they have shared here, with improved health (Kim is not smoking, hooray!) and I wish the best for the rest of us as well.
As I told an American Heart Association contact, the best part for me has been the exercise; it makes me feel better, it gives me energy, and I know, in the end, it will take some of the stress off my heart and cardio-vascular system. Another true story: I am actually enjoying it.
Another commitment for me was to use Lent as an opportunity to quit drinking alcohol entirely. Thanks to a friend who challenged me on this. Even though it made me mad to be told that wine alcohol etc. are an impediment to weight loss, I know my friend is right. I feel better and I am working harder and there is nowhere to go but up...or down, if that's the way the numbers need to go.
Also, I plan to stay in this game as a volunteer for the heart folks. This program keeps me honest.
Good luck to all, see you Dee, Kim, Jessica and Amy on Friday!
I am in this for life....


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  1. I think we all have to find our own pace and our own motivators in this process. Just as you know your friend was right about the wine, I'm still beating my head about making smart food choices. I'm happy with my progress, but I know I could be making greater strides if I were a little stricter with my food choices. But to borrow a phrase from you, it's a marathon, not a sprint. And I'm happy to be on the course with you.