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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day1, Bring It!

Who says getting up early is for the birds?!

I flew into Maryland for work Sunday night and focused on the journey I'm about to begin with jumping in with both feet!

I woke up at 5:30am to hit the hotel gym, very excited to see no one in there and got my treadmill and bike time in 45minutes then it was off to the room to shower, get ready for work and get something healthy to eat for breakfast.

My Goals today were: write down everything I eat, drink a gallon of water, no eating after 7pm.

I had yummy oatmeal, blueberry yogurt and a sausage patty and skim milk.

Stressful or emotional eating can be an issue for me and with Monday's being hectic and busy at work, I want to be prepared. (peanuts, nutrigrain bar, and pineapples were my choices)

Who would've thought a petite Alaskan salmon,broccoli & green beans would be enough
to satisify the hunger for lunch. (nothing fried or salty, score!) Houlihan's was the great place I found this, I highly recommend it!

It's humbling and enlightening seeing your own handwriting when you write down everything you eat in a day.

Did YOU know how many ounces are in a gallon of water?
The answer: 128 ounces... to break that down easier, with the 32oz water bottle I use I only have to drink four 32 ounces and I managed to get 3 of the 4 in before 5pm. WOOT WOOT! (its easier than it sounds!)

I will keep this up the entire journey, it's good for you and I love water, may need to throw in some lemon or lime to mix it up.

I went to dinner w/a coworker tonite and didn't finish until 7:30ish so that's not too bad. The dinner had grilled shrimp and crabcake over linguini. Loved the shrimp, the linguini, not so much nor the crabcake. It was the seasoning and sodium I'm sure. I'm drinking more water over my gallon goal tonight because I don't like the way the meal made me feel afterwards.

Will be sure to look more closely and ask question on the meal choices for sodium next time.

I'm confident I can do this it's small, simple choices that anyone can make!

Did you know that the #1 killer of women is HEART DISEASE??
1 in 3 odds, 2 will live , 1 will die from HEART DISEASE!!
(I remember hearing this long ago but chose to "block it out" because I felt it couldn't happen to me, well I can tell you it can happen to ANYONE!)

If you have high blood pressure like me, you are AT RISK for HEART DISEASE!!

80% of heart disease may be prevented if we choose to act NOW and start living heart-healthy!

You've got NOTHING to lose by checking out the site:


Sign up for the 12 week challenge, tell your best friend, your sister, your mother, grandmother,your coworker,your neighbor. KNOWLEDGE is POWER!!!

I'd love to hear from you and let me know if you are up for the challenge and let's do this journey together! We can do it! I believe in you and me!

Ready for Day 2 and beyond!
Loving myself and my heart one day at time!



  1. You go girl!! I am proud of you!!

  2. Wow...it has to be even harder to eat well and work out while out of town AND working! So impressive!!!

  3. You can co it Pam, we love ya sista!