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Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the Midst of the Challenge

Just wondering how my fellow challengers are doing as we conclude Week 2 of this journey........ sure hope all of you are seeing and feeling some of the results of your efforts. I am feeling SO GOOD, with the dietary and exercise changes so far. All of my large skeletal muscles have "woken up" and realized that they are all being called on to strengthen and burn some fuel once they become increasingly toned!!! Hopefully, the muscles will start to draw off my load of excess fat, once they realize they are not going to get any extra calories from my diet!!!!!

Well, this week I blew up my oatmeal in the microwave one day before work. All over the top and bottom of the microwave. My nicely portioned allotment for the morning....... The next day, the VCR "ate" my most favorite exercise video -- one I have gone back to over and over in the last 20 years!! If I didn't know any better, I would think there is some kind of invading alien force plotting to interfere with my Better U efforts here........

Found an incredible snack or meal food that holds me from any hunger for hours and hours....and hours!!!! I have done this for a meal on a few different days this week: 1/2 cup Greek yogurt + 3/4 cup granola. I get an *ultimate* response from my metabolism to this combination. I have used the Trader Joe Greek yogurt (0% fat) -- has only 120 calories in a whole cup!!! Better yet: 22 grams protein and only 7 grams carbs. So I get some more carbs and fat from the granola -- but you see how well this balances carbs with the protein!!! I cannot recommend this combination enough -- try it and see!!

I find it difficult to find sources with enough grams of protein to equal the grams of carbs -- as was suggested by Adrienne -- but once you find that combo -- I know you will see the difference you can make in control of your appetite!!!  Has anyone else found a good meal or snack plan that seems to provide this "perfect" feeling of fullness, and/or staves off any feelings of hunger indefinitely til the next meal/snack time??? Any of you readers out there?? PLEASE share!!!

My best thoughts and wishes to my fellow challengers out there, and to each of you readers following along on your own journey to better health!!!           Laura

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