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Friday, January 13, 2012

I say a CHANGE will do ya good...

Since my last post I've traveled back home and getting settled back into the routine of being home.

Still focused on the big picture...healthier food choices, exercise and getting sleep is key for me.

I'm trucking along with my food logs and exercise, it's finding time to make sure I get my 7pm no eating cut off that is becoming a challenge, but the final cut off for me is 8pm. Getting my mind to shut down at a decent hour so I can get a good nights sleep is too. I'm sure eventually it will work itself out too.

Oh yea, did I mention... hello my name is Pamela and I'm a chocoholic?
I've not been hankering for it but I have made it reasonable for me to have it if I want it. (mini snickers are only 45 calories, just don't eat 20 of them at a time!! LOL)

The vending machines are NO issue at work heck the only time I see them is when I go into that area to fill up my bottle for water or make a cup of hot tea.

I did get my blood drawn this morning after a 12hr fast, curious to see what Julie tells me on the results on Tuesday morning.

One highlight today was going to Seasons52 Fresh/Grill by work.
I've heard great things about it decided to check it out for lunch.

Great choices on there but darn pricey so won't be making that a regular hang out anytime soon! Highly recommend the Fish Tacos for lunch they were delicious in fact you get 3 of them and I could only finish two, go the doggie box for the third.

I'm realizing eating fresh food, not processed or fried I feel better and I don't feel like junk after I eat... WHAT A CONCEPT!?

The true test may be on Sunday afternoon when I meet with a coworker to watch some football games at a restaurant. I'm already looking over the menu and trying to plot my best strategy on that so I don't fall prey to things I shouldn't eat.

Going to end this on a high note, a co worker that hadn't seen me since me doing all this traveling since November came up to me an said " dang girlie, you have lost alot of weight since I last saw you" That took me back for a second because I haven't seen it much since November, but did thank him for noticing and told him what I'm doing and to follow my blog an the rest of the challengers too.

So I do believe a change will do ya good, slowly but surely it will fall into place.

Staying the course!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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