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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week Two Results are in...

With much nervousness, I met with Julie today to discuss my blood work results.

For starters, I knew it was going to happen sometime, I had to hop on the scale
to see that dreaded #. Much to my surprise, I saw a loss of 9 pounds since I last weighed myself. WOO HOO! Do the cabbage patch dance now ya'll lol

The results were actually pretty good too!
Triglycerides are in the normal range
Cholesterol is in the normal range
DHDL-(the GOOD HDL) is low so I gotta get that bumped up a bit.
LDL-(the BAD LDL) is high so gotta get that one down a bit.
Glucose(sugars) was little high.

Let me tell you Julie Schnieder is one AWESOME lady!
I was so thankful to know where I stand knowing that with all the information given, increasing my exercise and continuing on my journey of making better eating choices, more heart healthy all these results can be changed for the better! (Planning on getting retested after 6 months to compare).

I was then off to meet with Kristen one of the coolest dietitians to look over my results and help me tweek what I've already been doing on my own and see if that is the right path or not.

Glad I made a one on one appt with Kristen, lots of homework to go thru and help me tweek some things. Very thankful for her insight and assistance. Now I don't feel like I may be spinning my wheels so to speak.

Looking forward to our group "fieldtrip" to the grocery store and learn more!

I've been little tempted with wanting some fast food the last couple of days, certain it's due to the stress I'm feeling from work, been swamped the last couple days. But, I think I handled it well didn't totally give in went to the "golden arches" and ordered me a small fry. They didn't taste as nearly as delicious as I had in my mind they would or had before.

I'm making a grocery list of things I need to get this week and looking forward to trying the Zesty Pecan-Crusted Tilapia & Mediterranean Veggie Medley recipes that came in my packet. Will have to post pics later!

Will be hitting the gym in the morning, really makes a difference for me getting the blood pumping and shaking the sleepiness off.
If weather is decent I will be doing some walking outside.

I'm going to be breaking out my pedometer I'm curious to know how many steps I do in a day, hoping its close to 10,000 steps. If not, it's something I can work towards. The more active I am the better I will feel!

Here's some motivation that I found on the website and struck a cord with me, it's so true!

Each Woman's body is unique and each has their own health concerns.
Don't compare yourself to others, aim for your BEST HEALTH!


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