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Friday, January 6, 2012

And the Journey begins !!

I feel so blessed to have been chosen along with six other lovely ladies to participate in this journey of knowledge of learning how to be more heart healthy.

We met with the committee and you can already "feel the love" and support from everyone there and the encouragement to step out of our "comfort zones" and learn,grow and make a change.

Who would've thought we would be doing interviews and talking to the media already!?
(Not sure if I was ready for my close up just yet, but got thru it just fine, no hair, makeup or lipstick issues lol ) Be sure to check out WTHR today at 5:20 segment!

Here's what I'm hoping to get out of this 12 week program.
*Better understanding on what is heart healthy lifestyle
*Focus on exercise and nutrition and what is best for my mind, body and soul!
*Lose some of this weight that is holding me back.
*Get off my high blood pressure medicine.

Some of you are probably wondering what is this 2012 Better U challenge and what all does it entail??? Here's a link to check out what we'll be doing and YOU can do it too! It's FREE!! (who doesn't LOVE FREE?!) http://www.goredforwomen.org/BetterU/

Here's a quote that is rescinating heart for this opportunity:
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”


  1. It was so fun to meet you!! Here we go!!

  2. Looking forward to following your progress!