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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's up to you...no one else

I heard it over and over again..."get moving/exercise, eat healthy, lose weight". But until it all clicked for me, nothing changed. I said to myself (and I know you have said it too), "I know what to do. I have read hundreds of articles, watched hundreds of programs and seen the impact that exercise, healthy eating and weight loss has on the lives of people". Why did I wait so long to begin this journey? I guess I just was not ready. But then one day a little over a year ago something happened that started my journey to a better me. I can't say there was an event; it just happened. I believe it may have been that I was just tired of having problems breathing and moving, avoiding looking in a mirror at myself, and just not enjoying life. Also, I feared I wouldn't be around to enjoy my grandchildren. ( I'm glad no one is here in the room with me as I compose this blog because I don't want anyone to see my tears.)

Well, here I am over a year into my life style change journey and the BetterU Challenge has come into my life. Its resources, tools, support, and my new partners are valuable gifts. I have always had a supportive husband and children, but now they are especially proud to see "a better me that will get even better".

Yes, it's up to you. Join me. It's not always easy, but life never promised us a rose garden. We have to work for a goal worth achieving. Your it!! Join us.


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