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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Journey begins with the first step

In October of 2011 I was watching Channel 13 and heard about the Go Red For Women BetterU Program. "Interesting", I said to myself. So I submitted my essay describing why I wanted to participate in the Go Red For Women BetterU Challenge and to my surprise I was selected. What A blessing! With a family history of heart disease and having had a heart attack and with 3 stents implanted, the BetterU Challenge will be a support as I continue on my healthy life style journey.

Just yesterday we had our first meeting of the new seven BetterU Challengers at a kickoff breakfast. The bonding was immediate because we all had so much in common. What a delight to also meet the professional support staff that will assist us on this part of our journey. But the seven of us who are this years Challengers are not the only ones that can embark on learning how to become heart healthy. You too can take the first step and sign up for the 12 week online BetterU Program challenge. Register at https://www.goredforwomen.org/Registration.aspx There are a range of resources and tools provided online, in additon to the blogs. Share with us your challenges and successes. Most important remember, the journey begins with the first step.



  1. It was so fun meeting you, Renee. I look forward to sweating with you for the next 12 weeks! :)

  2. Renee, you are a gem! So happy to be walking by your side in this journey...or should i say sprinting?? lol