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Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 weeks down...10 to go

Well, I'm at the start of week 3 and I've seen some success and also had some setbacks.  Let me start off with one thing...

Hello.  My name is Molly and I am addicted to food.

I have always kind of known this to some extent.  But, now that I have been consistently eating what I'm supposed to eat for 14 days, I realize how much I had relied on food up until now.  I just flat out want to eat. all. of. the. time.  Why is that?!  Why would I want to eat when I'm not even hungry?  What is it about getting in the car to go somewhere that makes me think I need to drive through and get something from somewhere like Pavlov's dogs and their bells?  I may never know the answers to these questions but at least I know it about myself and knowledge is power!

Or ignorance is bliss.  One or the other.

Either way, as I start week 3, I'm looking forward to beginning my first ever sessions with a personal trainer!!!  Tomorrow afternoon, I will have my very first meeting and I am so very excited.  My trainer is someone I already know so I'm already comfortable with her.  I need her to hold me accountable to my exercise regimen and I know she will.  Just having someone there who won't let me quit after 5 minutes is comforting.

I also assume it's going to be comforting to have a large bottle of ibuprofen on hand this time tomorrow night.

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  1. Cant wait to hear how your first training session went! ;)