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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Emotional Eating Strikes Again

Yesterday's post was I'm still standing.  Today's is "I'm still....in a seated position."  I woke up SUPER sore from yesterday.  Who knew 30 minutes on the elliptical could make even your eyelids hurt?  Not me!  My eating went well and my exercise went well.  Today, however, the newness has worn off and I'm starting to feel the full effects of my emotional eating.  I know that because I'm very irritable and upset that I can't go eat whatever I want as I've been doing for so long....and that has gotten me in this position of being overweight.  I'm proud of myself for sticking to a plan and following my goals for 2 days but then I think I have a lifetime ahead of me to do this and it is more enjoyable to eat the things that make me "happy."  Just thought I'd share my struggles today and see if anyone else is experiencing this or has experienced it.

Having said all of that, I'm super grateful for this amazing opportunity!  I just scheduled my appointment with one of the nurse practitioners who we challengers will be meeting with.  We also have a weight management counseling session coming up.  Both of those meetings will be on Thursday and I'm excited to learn something new.  We are also supposed to be meeting with some personal trainers soon from the YMCA and I'm really excited to get started with them to learn how to exercise more efficiently!!!

Be sure to let me know how you're doing on your journey!!!

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Molly, hey hang in there girlie! I've struggled with emotional eating too and so far what is working for me is thinking before I eat and writing it down and I think all the water I'm drinking is definitely keeping those cravings at bay. Don't beat yourself up, slow and steady wins the race you body will respond accordingly. If you need to talk to someone call me and we can talk it thru :0)