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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Keep on trucking...

Winding down on day 2 and feeling pretty good.
I'm thankful I managed to get thru today with few fall backs.

I forgot my water bottle at the hotel today but went to the cafeteria
and got a big bottle of water to make sure I got it in.

My logging of what I eat is still a reality check of sorts and makes me pause
and think do I really want that? do I really need that? ,how am I feeling right now?

I'm trying to cut back on bread, doing just fine for breakfast but its the lunch and dinner times that have been little harder today. I had two cheddar biscuits at lunch but drank so much water to flush it out because after eating. Sure, it was yummy but dang it was soo salty, not good for me.

Ate more salad today than I thought possible. I find myself craving more healthier food is that even possible??? I'm surprised.

I'm getting my blood drawn Friday morning was really hoping for it to happen tomorrow afternoon but, I'm rolling with the punches on that.

I got a call tonight to schedule meeting with Julie about the results of the test, that excites me, scares me a bit of the unknown but I know no matter what the results are I will be ok.

Looking forward to hearing from the YMCA people and getting all that in order, looking for one with a pool so I can do water aerobics or just do my water therapy on my own.

Once I get the testing out of the way an meet with dieticians and have a food plan I will feel more confident and comfortable.

I'm excited about flying home for work and getting to sleep in my own bed for more than weekend at a time to spend time with friends and family.

It's so hard to have X amount of hours that you are home before you leave again, and try to figure how you are going to share your time with friends,family,and heck make time for yourself,let alone your pet that has to be going thru seperation anxiety by now because mommy isn't around to snuggle with. LOL But, I'm committed to this great job project opportunity and know its only temporary this craziness of flying back and forth and I'm taking full advantage of experiencing life to the fullest. I can sleep later!

Looking forward to getting some grocery shopping done tomorrow, fresh fruits and some veggies and being able to experiment with cooking up some healthier dishes or trying even trying to make some of my favorite meals more healthier.

I hear my hotel bed calling, and faintly hear my bed at home calling my name, so on that note, I bid you all a good night, sweet dreams and let's make some small steps to better heart healthy food choices.

Love ya my fellow challengers!

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  1. Keep up the good work Pam! I'm here for you!! Sam =)