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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sail away with me....

A lot of people say their weight loss journey is like a long, overseas flight to the destination of their goal weight.  I’ve decided that my weight loss journey is really more like a cruise that makes various stops on its way to the destination of my goal weight.  I get on the boat and think “I’m staying on the boat, I don’t care how long it takes” and I cruise right along.  Until we stop at the first port! As soon as I see the fabulous surroundings at that port, I’m off that boat and indulging faster than you can say “daily calorie allotment.”  After I’ve been at the port for a while, I get tired of being that person again and climb back onto the boat, head hung in shame, vowing to do my best once again.  And I do!  For a while.  Until I don’t want to anymore. 
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
I’ve heard it said many times that the journey is more important than the destination.   I agree with that when speaking about life.  However, when it comes to my weight loss journey, I’m just saying “let me be the judge!”  Tell you what, I’ll just go ahead and get to my goal weight in a week or two and then let you know which I enjoyed more… the journey or the destination. I’m betting I’ll enjoy the destination a little more than I enjoyed the journey.  I also bet no one who has been through it successfully would bet against me.

Having said all of that, though, something about THIS time is just different.  Maybe it is the way Adrienne talked  to us last week about changing our mindset.  She told us that instead of worrying about calories in/calories out, think more about "what benefit will eating this _____ give me?"  For example, if it is a healthy protein or a complex carbohydrate, it will benefit me by providing me longer lasting fullness and more energy.  If it is a fruit or a vegetable, it will benefit me by providing my body essential nutrients to aid in digestion. If it is a big ole' honkin' bag of potato chips, it will benefit me by adding padding to my rear end in case I fall on the ice this winter.  (Yeah, probably not where she was going with that)  Whatever the reason, I'm appreciating my newfound ability to stay on the cruise ship and not be tempted by the ports we pass.

I'm just praying it doesn't turn out to be that cruise ship that just sunk in Italy.


  1. Molly,
    So 'proud' of you for taking this to 'heart'. Hee hee. I am glad you are keeping your sense of humor as well. I can tell you....YES, the destination is the best...and the journey is long. Great rewards await, my friend!! Hang in there!!!

  2. Molly, you just Rock girlie! Keep the course!
    WE CAN DO IT! :0)

  3. Great thoughts! I like to think also that the road to losing the weight is more than just about "losing." You will also be gaining quite a lot...confidence, independence, knowledge of your own ability to commit, and hopefully, a longer life in the end. Keep cruisin' along!!

  4. Wait a minute...I thought cruise ships made you sick? OH...I get it...stay on the ship, then vomit, thereby lose weight!? Interesting plan!
    Chris (Molly's other half)