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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Right Along

Finally made it out to the YMCA!! Can't meet with a wellness consultant for a couple weeks -- they are booked with appointments (that's a good thing, Indianapolis!!). Fitness centers sure have changed since I had a membership over 20 years ago!! Lots of really fancy equipment AND you can watch TV right on many of the machines! I did some interval programs on an incline elliptical-type machine for an hour and then attended a class called cardio circuit -- it was wonderful!!! I am really starting to feel those endorphins kick in now when I exercise!! Can't wait to meet with the wellness consultant to get a good work out plan going! Oh, and I just may jump in the pool for some deep water aerobics -- who would have thought??? I haven't been swimming in a long, long time -- but sure love it -- and I know I am going to try it!!!! (as long as NOBODY can see me in swimwear :-)   oh -- and they also have a class in the water called "water zumba" -- now we are talking fun exercise!

I still can't believe I got chosen for this challenge!!!! I needed this desperately!!! I have gotten such a good start on healthier habits, and best of all -- every day sticking to wiser diet choices AND exercise is having an exponential effect on my positive motivation! Am feeling very confident that these will be LONG TERM lifestyle changes. I also want to get more involved in spreading this good news and all of the education we have received in this program!

One last very important event has occurred in my life. I QUIT SMOKING!!!! All I can say is -- thank you deeply and sincerely Julie Schnieders -- for reaching out to help me face this head on as the biggest priority -- and thank you, THANK YOU American Heart Association for creating Go Red for Women and the Better U program. Your persistence and confidence has changed my life where I was falling far short and would not have moved forward like this on my own without your much-needed the support.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Laura. So glad to hear that you've quit smoking. Keep up the good work.

  3. congratulations laura!! I knew you could quit smoking!!