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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They don't call it a "CHALLENGE" for nothing!

I'm going to keep this blog real....not negative....just real! It's not always sunshine and kittens...and so today I'm feeling a little frustrated. Still trying to get the issues of the gym membership worked out, so as of yet I haven't been to the gym. It may be me and my Gunnar Peterson DVD. Am I being tested? I guess they don't call it a "CHALLENGE" for nothing! Special shout out to my friend Shari for talking me off the ledge, or rather talking me out of the bag of double stuffed oreos to drown my frustrations in! That's right...I'm an emotional eater! There...I said it! My name is Julie and I am an emotional eater! Kind of feels cathartic to put it out there for God and everybody to see. (Not that God wasn't already aware!) This emotional eating will be something that I will be working on.

So who out there has gone to the website and signed up to do their own BetterU Challenge??

Love your ♥!

1 comment:

  1. How funny that we both hit the frustration level today?! I feel your pain. It's like I'm mourning fattening bad for you food.