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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Corners

Hey My Fabulous Five!

Wanted to send you a little note about my enemy,"cigarettes" and what I experienced when I tried to quit smoking to live a healthier life. My hope is my experience can help you all in some way, even though your obstacle may be different.

At the very beginning there was always excitement running through my veins and every cell in my body. Joy, optimism, and that I was strong and could overcome anything and everything that was going to come my way. That was usually the first couple weeks.

Somewhere between week 3 and 5 something emotionally, chemically, or both would happen. I am not a doctor but something inside of me was going on. Everything I felt in the beginning was starting to wane, I needed to find a way to push through, motivate myself, and regain the power I felt initially.

I did this by viewing my cravings like they were the enemy and I was not going to give in. I would ask myself, "What would prove that I am stronger than anything the enemy could throw my way?". The answer was always the same, and that was to overcome my enemy and win. So, I would get up and do something healthy, walk, eat a piece of fruit, meditate, read inspirational quotes, laugh with one of my friends, anything good! I found that once I was done doing one of those things my craving for my bad habit would have passed and it was replaced by strength and I would move on feeling victorious. I repeated this as many times as necessary until one day it simply was not part of my life. I quit smoking many times in my twenties and found this time frame (weeks 3 through 5) to be what I came to call "the first corner" and unbelievably hard. Yes, there were several others during the first year.

My wish for all of you is to find your secret weapon to use against your enemy, turn all your corners, and come out victorious, strong, and healthy.

Positive Thoughts & Best Wishes.

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