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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progress, not perfection

Blog pic Today -- for the second day in a row, my alarm clock did not go off at 5:30am. No matter. I said I was going to exercise in the morning and I meant it. So, I headed downstairs, greeted Denzel (my elliptical), popped a DVD into the player (Little Mermaid this morning, must find some new selections) and got started.

I've been consistently using the elliptical for about month now. I'm up to 16 minutes at a time, monumental for me though small potatoes to someone like my skinny sister who can exercise for 60 minutes without needing to call for oxygen.

Then why is it still so hard?! I'm not getting breathless, which is good. But dang! Do my legs hurt! Maybe I'm just wimpy? Could be. But I pushed on, even trying to sing with Ariel once without much success. I've got my sights set on 20 minutes; maybe by this time next week I'll be able to do that. Baby steps, I'm telling myself.

I wonder if I'll ever be one of those people who loves to exercise? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm hoping that I'll love what it's doing for my body.

Did you get some activity in today? Do you love it or just love what it does for you?


  1. OMG.. Amy I seem to have that same issue. Right now I can't say that I LOVE WORKING OUT!! Right now it's more of trying to reprogram my mind that this is something thats is just as essential as eating... hmm.. rough comparison or at least it seems so now. But I hope that at some point it will be something that I crave and cannot go a day without... of course while also reaping the benefits of an evolving slimming figure. Thanks Amy!!

  2. Amy, have you thought about listening to audio books while you do your workout? It's my newest drive-time thing. I can download them free from my library and put them on my blackberry (or you can put them on an iPod)

    I'm really proud of you for taking on this challenge!

  3. @Joanie - I hadn't thought about audio books, but that sounds like a great idea. Bet I can download them right to my iPhone. Got any suggestions as to some good ones?

  4. I find that switching up my routine helps with sore muscles. Maybe you're working the same muscle group over and over and the other muscles are tired of compensating? It's a muscle revolt!

  5. what about pod casts? there's gotta be a Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy podcast, look in the iTunes store and subscribe like you would buy a song. Most podcasts are free.