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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No, I have not been procrastinating! I try to blog every week and was waiting a few days before I wrote....because - TA-DAH!!!! FOUR DAYS NO SMOKING!!! WOO-HOO! I was afraid to post on day 2 because I did not want to fail and disappoint you all. Still far from out of the woods yet, but I am feeling confident and knock-on-wood - doing well with it all. I started with a Step 2 nicotine patch although I am allergic to the adhesive....moved down to a Step 3 in hopes to just get it over with. I was really tired of the mind game and thinking about it all. My quit date was January 29th but decided to just be done.....fingers crossed - I think I am going to make it!

I have been to the gym almost every day. Cardio and I are fast becoming friends and I think being cognizant of the effects of oxygen on the body helps drive the smoking cessation. In the past I had always been so focused on the external aspect of working out, but through the educational component of Go Red, I have really focused on the internal health of my body. I honestly look forward to cardio each day. Although I am not training for any marathon, I am doing intervals with some running. I have a bum knee and it is giving me some grief but I am trying to work through it in hopes it will strengthen. It feels incredible to breath and to know that I am healing the damage I have done to my lungs, heart, and systems.

I am meeting the girls at Macy's this morning for our make-over clothes and such. I am not much of a girly-girl I must admit. Really have not much patience trying on clothes and all - but it does feel great to care about my overall self. My daughters were neglected in the area of "shopping" and had to rely on each other to go the mall because mom could never handle it. I am sure they are amazed that I am actually looking at clothes and make-up....will let you know how it goes...

I am feeling stronger everyday....some days I really would rather go home and "veg" but make myself keep trying. I do not notice a lot of results but know I am gaining strength and endurance. I will keep you posted on the smoking - not only do I not want to let myself down, I do not want to let you down....trust me - I know you have heard this a million times - but if I can do it - you can do it! Go Red!



  1. Yay hooray on 4 days smoke-free AND cardio AND running thru the pain of a bum knee.

    It was really adorgorgeous (Jessica's word -- do I have it right, Jessica?) to see each of you today. To quote from the musical Tommy, in you I find my strength...or words to that effect. You are all the best! Really grateful for knowing each and everyone of you in this program.

  2. Four days without smoking? Your heart and lungs must be overjoyed! I need to follow your lead on the daily cardio. I feel like I'm losing steam. It was fun shopping with you yesterday.

  3. I am SOOOO proud of you miss Kimila! You have really taken the step and your workouts are going to become more enjoyable every day!! Keep up the hard work! I'll see you tomorrow at 4:30pm!!!

  4. 4 days, o'ya!!!!!!! So proud of you.