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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning...oh, what a beautiful day ~

I've got a wonderful feeling, everything's going my way!
Well, there I am, right in the aisle between cosmetic counters in a very public Macy's department store smiling at the camera! Notice anything different? My neck is skinnier...this lifestyle change is beginning to pay off and I have to be my Biggest Cheerleader to keep on going so forgive me if I seem stuck on me...'cause I sort of am...for now. LOL
It's critical and essential that we each be all about ourselves, getting healthy right now is going to give us all more time with our families and friends, right?
Anyway, had the most fabulous time this morning with my new girlfriends and fellow challengers! We tried on clothes, modeled our fashions, had makeovers and a photo shoot! When I say my inner Diva surfaced - I exaggerate not. I mean, lights, camera, action...I think - no scratch that - I know that I am meant for the stage! WOW - who knew that getting your act together would lead to fame and fortune? Ok, well, no fortune yet but it's coming!
Seriously, we have been so supported and encouraged by Allison, Michelle & Wendy, how can we not continue to be focused on getting heart healthy! And education? Even though we have been blessed to have extras - yay - everyone on the team has shared knowledge with us & there are tools available to you that won't cost a dime...everything you need can be found by following the 5 of us and checking out the online tools.
One of the biggest things I've learned over the past week is that if I don't carve out the time, if I don't plan and create a more balanced life, I have no one to blame but myself. My game plan was to be involved in so many different projects and activities that my need to eat constantly would be brought under control. And for the most part, it has. But can I tell you, listen up sweet peas, changing the food without adding activity adds up to a big ZERO. I know you knew that...I just had to remind myself (smiles).
So, no beating up on myself - you shouldn't beat up on yourself either - any error we made in the past is just that - it's in the past - behind us (uh, oh...that could be literally or figuratively - ha) but you get my point. Let's promise ourselves to live in the moment, moment by moment, making correct choices and yielding to the heart healthy habits our bodies naturally crave.
Will you join me? Over the next 3 days let's have more fruit, more veggies, more water, more exercise and less STRESS! I mean it gals and guys, dudes and dudettes, let's keep the main thing the main thing. If *it* is not adding to my success on this journey to new life, then it really is not important and does not deserve any of my energy.
I heard Jillian say last night on Biggest Loser that when you are stressed, your body retains water. I just read (for the 1000th time at least) that the bigger your waist, the harder your heart has to work. My trainer, Kara (love her!) accepts NO excuses. And God, in His Word says that our bodies are temples and should be treated as such. (1 Corinthians 6:19). Pick one and stick with me over these next 3 days. I need your support - you need my support!
To your hearts,
Sweet Dreams~


  1. Oh, I needed to hear this today. Thank you, dear.

  2. Jessica, you look absolutely gorgeous! You are shining and I can tell your heart is really in this "makeover." Yes I totally agree that your neck is MUCH skinnier! Keep up the great work! I am so proud of you!!! XOXOXO Whitney

  3. YES!! Gotta love seeing some results to add to the motivation, Great job girl you look FAB!!