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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does this count?

So, I met Kara on Monday. She admires Jillian. 'Nuff said? See where I'm going with this? But I like her, trust her, and going to obey her so that she does not yell at me. LOL.

Imagine me stepping up to the treadmill thinking, "Oh yeah, piece of cake. I know how to handle this piece of equipment." I remember hearing Kara tell me to let her know if the speed was a little fast for me...so I did and guess what? That's right...she told me to just keep going and that I was doing a great job. And you know what? She pushed me beyond my place of comfort and I survived. Yay.

Then we moved over to push-ups. My nephew asked me if they were the 'girl push-ups' and I responded they were the 'modified push-ups'. I was a little touchy about this, you know? Any push-up other than the kind you buy from the ice cream man is effort multiplied. These kids...what'ya gonna do? Anyway, the idea was to see how many I could do in 1 minute. When I got to 10, Kara told me I was doing great so I stopped and guess what? Right again...she told me to keep going - oh my word and can I tell you? Much more of this and I'm going to end up with toned arms! Aw yes, that is the goal though, isn't it?

Hard as it is, I am determined to not let myself down! I feel pretty good about the pain and I'm really looking forward to my workout session on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime I've promised to walk for at least 30 minutes every day and NO, this walking DVD sitting on top of my step bench does not actually count towards my walk unless I actually put the DVD in and begin moving - yikes.

Thought you'd enjoy the visual...so here we go again..

Sweet dreams~



  1. Jessica, you are a hoot. I just love reading your blogs. From all the comments I heard about Kara, she sounds like a real drill sergeant (with a heart). I admire your honesty and I appreciate your humor. Hang in there, There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to succeed. I know you can do it. BTW, when is your 50th birthday? You are inspiring me to go back to the gym!

  2. When I'm working out on my own, I stop just when things are getting tough. Somehow I don't think these trainers are going to let us get away with that. Stick with your 30 minutes/day and you'll have great results. I just know it!

  3. Jessica, having a sense of humor is (ALMOST) better than being rich AND thin. Love your attitude, sweetpea. If we don't laugh at ourselves...we'll laugh at THE TRAINERS. Just kidding, Kara and Abby...love your attitude, too!