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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 2 Journey...

Kimila So.....this morning I met Amy at Lifetime to do the "C" word - (CARDIO - grrr!) and ended up with a good workout! Although I cannot keep up with the "Ames" - (she is tiny - but she was movin') - she helped me challenge myself to even run a bit. I really am feeling stronger and I feel the cardio will help with my oxygen levels and the "S" word - (smoking). It helps when you have someone to work out with and can support each other in your workouts.

My week was a bit crazy with work....so I did not have a great deal of time to do all of the things I had planned for the week, but overall I went to the gym 3 times, walked 3 days at school, and did pretty good at eating and smoking. I have made a cognizant effort to drink my water and feel some of the changes are becoming habits.

I am sort of a nerd I think, because I love to research and learn about things that interest me...get me in the library and the day is done - need a wagon to carry my books. I really looked at the effects of smoking and how important water is to the body. I think I need to rationalize things in my own head sometimes to change my perspectives. Not that I do not know that smoking is horrible and that we need water - it just helps me to really look at the issue and internalize it. The body is an incredible instrument and I feel sometimes I have taken for granted how blessed I am and how I cannot continue to destroy it through smoking and other negative habits. What an insidious habit smoking is...I also feel very blessed for this opportunity with Go Red to help me realize that blessing and change my lifestyle.

I did get my 2nd peel this week and am learning a great deal about my skin. I swam on a swim team all through my childhood and literally baked in the sun for years. Sunscreen was not part of the lingo back in the day and the effects are pretty clear on my face now....I am somewhat conscientious about my skin and am very grateful to Phases to being a part of the challenge. Although I love to swim and love the sun, I now am an advocate for protection. I kept my kids from burning when they were young, but now I really harp on them about the sun. As much as I ignored sunscreen, I will now protect what I have...

The workout with Kara was great and I am trying to push myself to a new level. I was used to doing only 10 reps in sets of 3 and Kara has me doing 2 sets of 20 with heavier weights. One thing that helps when the exercise is tough and burning is to count to 5 - 4 times. It is easier to make it to 5 than 20...(Manipulator game!)

One more quick note before this becomes a novel - the kids at school have developed a "Go Red Indy - Heart Healthy Challenge" wall at school filled with activities. The most popular this week was listening to our hearts with a stethoscope, finding our resting heart rates, and then running 3 minutes to compare rates. We posted a frequency table for the wall - I had children and staff asking me all day to do theirs! So, I guess at least we are increasing awareness! Very fun project...more details later...

Well. all for now - New week on the way! No school tomorrow for Dr. King, but have 2 grants due so still working....will make time for cardio! Have a great week and PRESS ON!



  1. Oh my gosh, I could kiss you! I can't remember the last time someone described me as "tiny!" Now, I'm sure you were referring to my height, but I'll take it.

    Having a workout buddy really helped to pass the time. Thanks so much for meeting up with me.

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are getting the kids at school involved in your challenge. It sounds like they’re having fun while they’re learning to become more heart healthy. I bet they had a ball listening to their hearts with a stethoscope. What a great motivator you are. Keep up the good work!