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Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Ah Ha Moment

Another day of trying to make a change in my lifestyle. I think that I have finally figured this thing out. That is, changes that are expected to be sustained don't happen over night. Yes I have increased my exercise program from almost none to working in the pool/gym a minimum of four days a week two hours a day. This to some may be such an exciting experience; but it is not the case for me. The workout is strenuous and very taxing. Long story short...I keep wondering when will the fun begin? Will this ever get easy, or will I struggle with this for the rest of my life? Just when I think I have gotten a routine udder my belt we're off to the next level. I guess this is where the realization sets in that, "Only the strong survive."


  1. Hang in there! Maybe the fun will be when you realize that you ARE doing it.

  2. You can do it Peggy! Keep trying new things and don't underestimate a dip in the whirlpool afterwards! So refreshing! Proud of you!