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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life got in my way!

Okay Okay, so this is the completion of week 3, I feel like I have little to show for it! I didn't log my diet once! Booooo!!!! I have family in town, we are working on renovating a house, work, extra classes at work, trainer session, workout sessions, etc etc etc. I feel like my life has been so off track this past week. The ETCs are what got me in this mess in the first place! I am a little irritated with myself, and hope that my schedule lightens up this week! But wait, I signed up for overtime! Yikes! I feel like I am on mental overload! And the time that I spent trying to catch some zzz's (which I have difficulty with anyways) I should have been working out!

Well, I will chalk this week up to nonsense. I have planned my workouts this week, will be stocking up on my favorite healthy food choices and am on my way to a massage right now! SO, hopefully I will start out fresh at work tomorrow and continue to have a smooth week! I am tired of this same 'ol number on the scale! I plan to kick its butt now!

Oh on the bright and more accomplishing side:
I rocked my workout with Kara this week! Didn't get sick at all! ;) Ha!

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