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Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is the Stuff....

Well, as week one comes to a close, I am proud that I have ROCKED my 45min + cardio workouts! However, I am struggling to decided what route to take next....more diet changes, try new classes, swim laps... suggestions please!

I have made a lot of poor health choices (diet, lack of exercise, no annual physicals) since I graduated college. I find that once I get started, all it takes is one of life's bumps (this season potholes!) to lead me off path. I get frustrated and give up! It is usually a bump in my personal life or a significant event at work that leaves me emotionally drained, and then I can't seem to cheer myself on to go to the gym. We all know that when you have a bad day, once you have completed a workout a small ray of sunshine appears. A sense of accomplishment restored, the will to get up, get movin' and move on! ;)

My bump this week was my little brother moving out and onto Chicago, leaving me the lone child in this state. No parents, no brothers. Which of course I should feel blessed that my family is in good health just scattered about the states; BUT selfishly I want them all to myself, right here, right now. So emotionally drained, I am! Thanks to my husband, brother, and now my own self saying "keep it up, make 'em proud", I am still going! Today, wasn't the most fun day at the gym...with a lot of mind games I did run the farthest I have in years!

Just a song that comes to mind...
This is the stuff that drives me crazy,
This is the stuff that's getting to me lately,
In the middle of my little mess,
I forget I big I'm blessed...
This is the stuff.

The stuff is what matters, it tests us in time, which reveals our blessings. How thankful and blessed I feel for this opportunity to take charge of my health and offer support to other women empowering themselves as well!

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