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Friday, March 18, 2011

I will work out 3.14 Times a Week..Did Someone say Pie?

Since the time we were born, numeric measures have given us our worth. As a brand new baby, my nephew Andy's head size was in the 99th percentile, for example. We continue to be measured by SATs, GPAs, our FICO score, our net worth, the square feet of our house, our salaries, our height, our weight....the list goes on.
As a marketer I know that goals should be measurable. So last week I said that my goal was to work out three times. So I did: Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday. Did I work out 2 times in one week or 3 times in 7 days? Did I reach my goal?
While I'm not sure if I hit threshold, target or stretch (carryover from my corporate days) on that goal, I know one thing: I loved every minute of the strength training, stretching and flexing that I did. I actually felt skinnier and although sore, I ate better as a result of the exercise. It's a cycle that can be vicious at times and encouraging at other times.

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