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Monday, March 7, 2011

Heart: What a simple word for such a complex organ.


Il cuore=Italian

El Corazon=Spanish

Le Coeur=French

So many beautiful ways to say heart! Being a nurse, I generally think of the heart as a functioning organ, for my patients. I think of the heart as a beating mechanism, a powerhouse that allows for life; but I never thought of my own heart beating for my own life. Sounds crazy, I know! To be a nurse and not think of my own heart? Well, I am also a woman, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. As we all know, being WOMEN sets us up for taking care of others and putting their needs before our own...just like a nurse, mother, wife.

Also, being WOMEN, we are learning that heart disease (not such a beautiful word) is the number one killer of women age 20 and over. Fact: One woman dies from heart disease (there's that disgusting word again) every minute! So, having the honor and opportunity to be a BetterU Challenger and having increased my knowledge about heart disease, healthy choices and lifestyle changes, I must admit that my view of what my own heart means is changing.

Now that I am acknowledging my own heart, I have questioned what the simple word HEART means. Love, health, life? Initially I thought heart meant health. Taking care of my patients, means keeping them healthy. Well, why not take care of myself, and become healthier? Which in turn means that my lifespan will increase. Which will end in the great result of being a HEALTHier me, living a longer LIFE, with much more LOVE to share. What does your heart mean to you? How far are you willing to go to keep that precious powerhouse healthy?

This week marks week 1 of our 12 week journey. My personal goal this week is to focus on my cardiac workouts, increasing their length, resistance and level. I look forward to improving my hearts endurance, no matter what sweat equity is required! I know that I will be more successful some weeks than others. I hope to learn how to be my own best cheerleader and put myself first through this process!

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  1. I like your cardio goal. What kind of workouts do you prefer -- classes, DVDs at home, or fitness equipment cardio?

  2. Amy I really enjoy zumba classes but find that sometimes that is not challenging enough. I have been working on my milage during jogs. So I do the stairmaster (my least fav!) for 20 min warm up and then jog like a crazy woman. I get beat read, sweat like mad, but feel so invigorated afterwards. Any suggestions for knee pain assoc with the treadmill? OUCH!

  3. My best suggestion for treadmill-associated knee pain is to avoid the treadmill. Have you tried the elliptical? I would also talk to your trainer at Lifetime Fitness. They probably have some good thoughts.