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Monday, March 21, 2011

Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia.-Alexis Carrel

What's on your plate? This week's BetterU lesson was quite timely. It reminds me that I'm taking baby steps. Before the year started, I decided to drastically change my eating habits. That never happened! Knowing darn well that such a change was not sustainable, my mind staged a silent revolt, leaving me in a state of inertia.

1) Find a logging system that works for you
2) Focus on behaviors you want to change
3) Take time to log

Tracking...that's the essence of this week's lesson. How simple is that? I can handle that. Especially since my trainer Everett introduced me to www.thedailyplate.com. Not only does this site breakdown my daily intake into calories, fat, sodium, protein etc...and compare it to where I should be, it also tracks my physical activity. It's just nifty! Thanks Everett! Of course, I also like my monthly paper calendar as I'm a visual person. I've committed to tracking three days a week...any two representative days and my worst day, which tends to be on the weekend as I'm quite fond of eating out.

This has certainly helped me become a BetterMe. I'm not completely oblivious when eating out these days. I make an effort to review the nutritional value. At Arbys I asked to see the nutrition chart and ended up choosing the chicken roast sandwich, light on the dressing, over the turkey sub. And when my co-worker treated me to breakfast for my birthday, I chose the lesser of two evils, the McDonald's chicken biscuit (fewer calories, less fat...) over the Hardees one. Of course, I could have chosen oatmeal and avoided that gastrointestinal nightmare altogether, but hey, this is a process. More steps forward than backwards with occasional olympic sprints.

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