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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Listen to your body..."

Today I met with my trainer, Kara, who happens to be Peggy's trainer too. So Ms. Peggy I followed your advice not wanting to be late and actually showed up 15 mins early. I ate my cereal as usual before heading to the gym. After my warm up, we started working on new machines, pulleys, chin ups, and abs. This workout was beggining to kick my rear, and rumble my tummy. Kara, was very sweet and gave me time between exercises, encouraging me to deep breathe and "listen" to my body. When we would move about the gym , I would eyeball the nearest trash can just in case! How frustrating to not be able to work out at my full potential but with the pale, clammy and nauseated state I was in, I had to take several breaks. Normally, I would knock out my cardio routine after I meet with Kara. Today I couldn't even walk down the stairs, I was advised to take the elevator (prob due to my pallor, I think I made Kara nervous).
Upon my exit off the elevator, I had the most disgusting feeling and ended up vomiting in the nearest trash can. Might be TMI for some of you but this is what you go thru when you don't take care of yourself (and eat breakfast too close to your workout). A sweet woman, old enough to be my grandmother and in great shape I might add, brought me a towel and said "Bless your heart, sweetie." My thoughts are "yes, yes indeed bless my heart, that is why I am here over this trash can right now."
Afterwards, I felt like a new woman, but exhuasted! I came home, not completing my cardio workout and feeling somewhat defeated. I listened to my body, ended up napping for 3 hours! Guess I needed some rest! I am struggling with feeling like I failed today, since I couldn't complete the usual 2 hour routine, getting sick, and not living up to my own standards. But, I was bound to have asome bad days during this journey. In hindsight, I will make sure I have rested plenty, and might just have a banana several hours before I work out! Considering today's lesson more of an educational workout in understanding my body's signals.

Oh and at one point I asked Kara how many of her clients get sick during a workout and she actually smiled and said about 8 out of 10. Kara doesn't know that I got sick yet, but I am happy I could keep her stats in check! Ha!

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